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We at DPS-Faridkot aim to not impart knowledge to students but also to inculcate in them-wisdom, compassion and humanitarian spirit. We cater multicultural student population so we teach children the importance of tolerance and respecting each other discipline, values and integrity are foundation of this school.

A part from scholastic programs, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. The school encourages all students to participate in variety of co-curricular activities from dance, art and drama to variety of sports, social work and environment conservation activities. As a school we think about how to engage students and hold their attention, how the students actually absorb the productive lessons? With this in mind we upgrade our teaching tools and techniques.

In world of technology we appeal to young minds by incorporating smart boards, mobile, computers in teaching learning process.

  Our mission is to continue to do what we have always done and develop students with integrity, values and ethics. Our vision is to produce conscientious, smart and confident citizen of country who will go out into the world and make us proud.